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May 2017


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May 2017


St. Pius X Catholic Church

6380 Hooper Road                              Baton Rouge, LA 70811

phone #: 225-357-5935                      fax #: 225-357-6005

Parish Closing Decree

May 31, 2017








inside the church

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Cluster Mass Schedule


Saturday Vigil Mass - 4:00 pm

June -- December        St. Isidore

January -- May           St. Pius

Sunday Mass - 9:00 am

Weekday Masses - Wednesday & Friday - 7:15 am

Communion Services - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday - 7:15 am

Holy Days as announced

**The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Penance/Confession) is offered at 3 pm - 3:30 pm on Saturdays.**

Hispanic Apostolate Mass Schedule


Weekends: Sunday, 11:30 am & 1:30 pm

Weekdays: Tuesday through Friday, 9 am

Reconciliation: Monday – Friday by appointment only. Please call the Hispanic Apostolate for information.








Pastor: Reverend Frank Bass
Deacon: Tommy Benoit

Director of Administration: Lorie Weeks
St. Isidore's Director of Religious Education/Youth Minister: Monice Oliphant

Secretary: Kathy Anson
Mailing Address: 6380 Hooper Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70811
Phone Number: 225-357-5935

Fax Number: 225-357-6005


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